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When is your next book out?

I’m writing my second novel while pitching my first to agents and publishers. To stay up to date with any news, you can sign up for my newsletter.

Can I send you my book to read and/or review?

Of course! If you’re a publisher, agent, or author who would like me to read a forthcoming novel in order to provide an endorsement quote or discuss it on my socials, please contact me.

I’m a book reviewer/blogger – could I get an advance copy of your book?

Requests for advance reader copies may be available in the future.

I found a spelling mistake in your book – do you want to know?

Books go through a thorough editing process with many eyes on them, but sometimes typos happen. I don’t mind if you pick up a typo and let me know because it could be fixed in reprints.

Do you have a refund or cancellation policy?

I sure do. You can find it here.